Metoidioplasty Surgery
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Metoidioplasty surgery is a method that transforms the patient’s vagina into a penis. Urological adjustments are also made in this treatment, which is applied to the genital area of trans men. Such surgical and hormonal interventions must be performed by physicians who are experts in this field. We also use the metoidioplasty surgery procedure in our clinic with a high success rate.

Thanks to metoidioplasty surgery, we provide medical support to our patients who were born in a female body but felt male. After performing the necessary procedures, you can start this treatment and choose our clinic.

What Is Metoidioplasty Surgery?

What Is Metoidioplasty Surgery?
What Is Metoidioplasty Surgery?

Metoidioplasty surgery is a method applied to the genital area of the individual and supported by hormone therapy. In this way, the transformation of the individual from the female vagina to the male penis is ensured. Metoidioplasty, which is one of the advanced medical techniques, is a surgical procedure that is frequently applied in our clinic.

Today, this procedure, just like a penile implant, erectile implant or penile enlargement, is applied after the patient’s hormone therapy. In this surgical procedure, preparing the patient for the process is essential. This preparatory process should be both hormonal and psychological.

We can apply this surgical procedure to our patients who use our clinic in line with their demands. In this way, we ensure that the individual is in the gender they feel themselves.

This surgery is first aimed at enlarging the patient’s clitoris. For this, it is necessary to apply hormone therapy to the patient for a while. This process is entirely natural and does not require any surgical procedure. It aims to transform the enlarged clitoris into a penis after hormone therapy. At this stage, surgical procedures come into play.

In the surgery, the penis of the trans man is formed around 5 – 7 cm on average. If necessary, some extra surgeries can be performed after metoidioplasty. The purpose of these surgeries is the complete creation and functioning of the genital area.

During the hormone therapy process, it is aimed that the patient receives the testosterone hormone as recommended. At the end of this treatment, the patient undergoes another preliminary examination. After the initial investigation, if the clitoris is enlarged enough, preparation for the surgical procedure can be made. Metoidioplasty is a procedure performed under general anesthesia. The type of metoidioplasty can affect and change the course of the surgical procedure.

Before the surgical procedure, we explain the process in all detail to all our patients who apply to our clinic. We present to our patient what should be known within the scope of metoidioplasty surgery.

Metoidioplasty surgery is applied to people born in a woman’s body and who feel like a man. Trans men can have male genitalia after undergoing such operations. It is vital to apply this surgical procedure to ensure the biological transformation of the individual entirely.

We also successfully apply this surgical procedure to our adult patients who have completed hormone therapy. In this way, we make an essential contribution to the beginning of the new lives of our patients who apply to our clinic.

Our patients must complete the necessary biological transition process before metoidioplasty surgery. In the biological transformation process, the patient must undergo a certain amount of hormone therapy. Likewise, the primary official criteria required for the surgical operation must be fulfilled.

Before starting the treatment, we undergo a preliminary examination process for our patients who apply to our clinic. After this process, we give our patients time for the necessary hormone therapy. At the end of the hormone therapy, we re-examine our patient to perform the surgical procedure.

Metoidioplasty after the process is very important in terms of patient care. Metoidioplasty recovery time can be comfortable or challenging, depending on how the person looks after himself. As with every surgical procedure, there is a risk of infection in metoidioplasty. Therefore, our patients must take the necessary care in this process.

After the surgery, our patients may need to stay under observation in the clinical setting for at least one day. There is also a feeling of pain in the genital area for a week. In 2 weeks after surgery, the redness and swelling seen in the genital area may disappear. Redness and swelling are natural complications of such surgical procedures.

When our patients encounter an unexpected effect, they should contact our clinic immediately.

There are some curious details about metoidioplasty surgery. We give all the necessary information about this subject to our patients who apply to our clinic in advance. Here are the most frequently asked details about metoidioplasty:

  • The patient can have a natural looking penis after metoidioplasty. Likewise, urethral lengthening is provided with the operation.
  • The entire recovery period of the patient after the surgery may vary between 3 and 5 months.
  • It is impossible to leave any scars in the genital area after the operation.
  • There is a small risk of infection with such surgical procedures. If our patient takes good care of himself during the healing process, this risk can be eliminated.
  • Metoidioplasty surgery cost is also frequently discussed. Trans male individuals generally prefer the metoidioplasty technique. The success rate of this technique is relatively high, and at the same time, its prices are more affordable than other techniques.

Metoidioplasty Surgery vs Phalloplasty

Phalloplasty surgery is another technique applied to create a penis in male transgender individuals. This procedure, like metoidioplasty, has a very high success rate. Phalloplasty can also be used for people who have had metoidioplasty surgery before. Today, most trans men prefer one of these two methods.

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