Penile Prosthesis
Penile Prosthesis
Penile Prosthesis

A penile prosthesis is applied in cases with no penile stiffness that should generally occur. If our patients who choose our clinic have not been successful in other genital aesthetic procedures, we consider it appropriate to apply a prosthesis. In this way, we ensure that the natural hardening of the penis is formed through a medical prosthesis.

Our male patients, for healthier sexual activities, prefer the penile prosthesis procedure. If the other techniques applied for the hardening of the penis are insufficient, then choosing a prosthesis will be the correct step. In our clinic, we also use this technique, which has a very high success rate.

What Is PenIle ProsthesIs?

Penile prosthesis implantation is a surgical procedure applied to men who do not have natural erections. In this procedure, a medical prosthesis is placed in the patient’s penile region to ensure an erection. Thus, the sexual life of the patient will be more regular and productive than before.

A penile prosthesis is a remarkable technique among genital aesthetic procedures. Thanks to the ever-developing medical science, we can ensure that our patients continue their sexual activities. In this way, we can permanently eliminate the sexuality and self-confidence problems experienced by our male patients.

Before applying the procedure, we also pass some medical tests on the patients who visit our clinic. For example, we can solve the problem without surgery by applying some non-surgical procedures that ensure erection. However, if the erection problem cannot be solved with non-surgical methods, we consider it appropriate to use the prosthesis technique.

1- PenIle ProsthesIs Types

Types of penile implants include medical prostheses perfectly suited to the patient’s metabolism. In men with erectile dysfunction, the surgical application is performed with one of the prosthesis types after passing the necessary preliminary examination. Prostheses, each made entirely of silicone material, will provide 95% of the patient’s erection.

Here are the main types of prosthesis used in the prosthesis technique:

  • One-piece bendable prosthesis
  • Two-piece inflatable prosthesis
  • Three-piece, length-only prosthesis
  • Three-piece prosthesis extending both in width and length

Three-piece prostheses, among the prosthesis types, are the ones with the most natural appearance. But other varieties also have a significant naturalness. Each of our patients to whom we have undergone the prosthesis procedure is satisfied with the results. Worldwide, the satisfaction rate of this technique is around 95%.

2- To Whom Can PenIle ProsthesIs Be ApplIed?

The patient must be a suitable candidate for surgery in the prosthesis technique applied to the penis. Many male patients can visit our clinic with the problem of penile erection. We first pass our patients through a preliminary examination process in such a case. As a result of the initial examination, we decided whether or not the prosthesis technique would be applied.

We recommend this technique primarily to our patients who have tried non-surgical treatments such as drug therapy or injection and have failed. Of course, while applying this technique, we also pay attention to our patient’s age and general health.

We can generally apply the prosthesis technique according to the examples we have given below:

  • Patients with previous prostate cancer
  • Patients with penile curvature
  • Patients who have had diseases such as rectal cancer
  • Patients with erectile dysfunction due to various chronic diseases
  • Patients with erectile dysfunction due to congenital factors

3- How Is PenIle ProsthesIs Surgery ApplIed?

It is helpful to know that the penile prosthesis procedure is a surgical technique. As in any surgical procedure, it will be necessary to make an incision in the area where the prosthesis will be attached. However, the incisions do not cause scars in the future. The operation time is usually given as 1-2 hours. This period is the same for all four types of prostheses.

General anaesthesia is usually required for the patient in prosthetic surgery. In some cases, it is also possible to apply local anaesthesia. After the surgery, our patients may need to stay under observation in the clinical setting for one day.

4- PenIle Implant Before and After

Before penile prosthesis, our patient must undergo a general examination. A treatment plan is created from the analyses we perform in our clinic to fully understand the problem. It would be a better step for our patients to take a break from smoking and alcohol consumption before the operation.

 Penile prosthesis complications are one of the most curious details about this technique. As in every surgical procedure, there is a particular risk of infection in this procedure. To prevent infection, our patients must strictly follow the recommendations.

During the recovery time, the daily lives of our patients may be partially interrupted. As with any surgical procedure, at least one week of rest is recommended after this operation. In other words, you can return to work one week after the operation or continue your daily life. However, in this process, you should avoid heavy exercise and take a break from sexual activities. It will be more correct to have sexual intercourse at least 4-6 weeks after the surgery.

It is also normal to feel pain for the first week after surgery. For this reason, your doctor may recommend pain medication. It is also natural to develop swelling and redness in the penis area after the surgery. All these complications are temporary and may disappear after a week.

5- CurIosItIes About PenIle ProsthesIs

Penile prosthesis sizes have three different types such as L, XL, and XXL. Considering the general physical characteristics of the patient, it is better to choose you. When selecting it for you, you should consider the natural appearance of the prosthesis on your body.

After the prosthesis surgery, it is possible to use it according to the preferred type of prosthesis. For example, it is possible to bend the prosthesis and hide it under trousers in one-piece prostheses. In inflatable prostheses, it is possible to achieve an erection with the help of a pump placed in the testicles of the patient and then wait for the penis to deflate.

6- PenIle ProsthesIs Surgery Cost

Unfortunately, it is impossible to give clear information about penile implant surgery costs in the first place. Our patients who apply to our clinic will learn what kind of treatment they need due to a general examination.

Each patient’s treatment may be different. Therefore, we successfully apply a treatment plan appropriate to each patient. You can contact us on our contact page or Instagram account to get more detailed information about the other medical procedures we perform and penile prostheses