Penis Enlargement with Pupis Liposuction


Men may experience social or psychological problems due to their insecurity about their genitals. As a result, some men may resort to procedures such as penis enlargement surgery. Recently, a procedure called pupis liposuction has become a popular option for penis enlargement surgery. In this article, we will examine the procedure of penis enlargement with pupis liposuction.

What is Pupis Liposuction?

Pupis liposuction is a liposuction technology used to suck excess fat called adipose tissue. This technology is performed with a device called pupis, which is a special tool designed to gently remove fat cells during liposuction.

Penis Enlargement with Pupis Liposuction


The pupis liposuction technique can increase the visible size of the penis by sucking excess fat in the penis root. It does not increase the length of the penis, but it provides a longer and fuller appearance by increasing the visible size of the penis. This procedure involves reducing the fat tissues at the base of the penis, which improves the size and shape of the penis. Pupis liposuction is a procedure focused on reducing the fat tissue in the penis root, so it does not harm other parts of the penis. Additionally, the pupis liposuction procedure is less invasive and provides a faster recovery time than other penis enlargement procedures.

How is Pupis Liposuction Procedure Performed?

The pupis liposuction procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes about 30-45 minutes. During the procedure, the doctor uses a special pupis tool to reduce the fat tissue in the penis root. After the procedure, the patient can return home the same day and resume normal activities immediately.

Recovery Process and Results

After the pupis liposuction procedure, patients may experience mild pain, swelling, and bruising. However, these symptoms typically disappear within a few days. The recovery process is shorter than other penis enlargement procedures and allows patients to quickly return to their normal activities. As a result of the reduction of fat tissue in the penis root, the visible size of the penis increases after the pupis liposuction procedure. However, the pupis liposuction procedure does not increase the length or change the actual size of the penis. The results obtained after the pupis liposuction procedure may vary from person to person. However, an increase in the visible size of the penis and a fuller appearance are generally achieved. The pupis liposuction procedure can increase self-confidence and improve the sexual life of patients.