Penis Thickening Surgery
Penis Thickening
penis thickening

Penis thickening is one of the most demanded genital plastic surgeries by men. Penis size is one of the most critical issues affecting sexual activity. In case of insufficient penis thickness, it is possible to encounter problems such as premature ejaculation. In addition, penis size is one of the conditions that affect the sexual pleasure of the partner.

Thanks to penis thickening, it is possible for the penis, whose thickness is insufficient for various reasons, to reach a sufficient level. This procedure has a very high success rate among modern medical practices.

Why Is PenIs ThIckness Important?

The thickness of the penis is critical for the partner to enjoy sexual intercourse. For sexual intercourse to reach pleasure, men must have a certain penis length ratio. The penis, which cannot be of sufficient thickness for various reasons, can also damage the man’s self-confidence.

Due to a healthier sexual relationship and self-confidence problems, many men prefer genital aesthetic methods such as penis thickening. Such genital aesthetic procedures are successful operations that fall under the scope of plastic surgery. Thanks to the ever-developing medical science, techniques with a high success rate are applied without any problems.

We bring successful solutions to the problems of our male patients with this method, which we apply within the scope of penis surgery. We perform these procedures without feeling pain and without interrupting your daily life.

What Should the Ideal PenIs ThIckness Be?

For the penis to have an ideal thickness, it is necessary to look at the erect penis size. The thickness of a penis in the erection state must be between 10-11 cm. There is a thickness problem in penises that are below this thickness ratio.

We also recommend the penis thickening procedure to our patients who apply to us due to a thickness problem. So what is this procedure, and how is it used? Does it have any side effects? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is PenIs ThIckenIng?

What Is Penis Thickening?
What Is Penis Thickening?

Penis thickening surgery is a general name given to surgical procedures performed in two different ways. Thanks to modern medicine, these methods ensure that the patient reaches the ideal penile thickness. Moreover, these techniques applied today are both painless and successful procedures. Our patients who use our clinic can return to their everyday lives after the operation. Moreover, there will be no scarring in the genital area after surgical procedures.

Here are the penis enlargement and thickening surgery techniques that we apply in our clinic and have a high success rate:

The first of the methods we apply for penis thickening is the fat injection made with the liposuction method. This technique uses the fats found in our patient’s body. With the liposuction technique frequently used in plastic surgery, we take the fat and inject it into the penis area. In this way, we ensure that the penis becomes thicker.

In this procedure, which we apply with the liposuction technique, it will not be possible to leave any scars on your skin. This procedure, which we use meticulously, is made with the fats in your body. In other words, there is no situation that you can be uneasy about in the implementation of the operation.

The fats we inject into the penis allowing the penis to become thicker. First, we need to inject more fat than the penis needs. At the end of 6 months, 40% of the injected fat will remain in the penis. This procedure we apply is my area of expertise and is a 100% reliable method. I recommend this technique, which is both permanent and has a very high success rate, to my patients who apply to my clinic for penis thickening.

Another method applied for penis thickening is the filling method. Thanks to the specially prepared medical filling material, we guarantee that the penis will be thicker than before. We inject the medical filling material into the penis with a special injector. This technique, one of the penis lengthening surgery procedures, is an alternative developed for the fat injection method. This method, which acts quickly, does not cause any problems with the function of the penis.

RIsks of PenIs ThIckenIng SurgerIes

Penis thickening side effects are one of the most curious details by our patients. As with any surgical procedure, this operation has some risks. However, the post-operative care process of the patient can eliminate these risks.

It is essential that the physician who will operate is knowledgeable and experienced in operations that lasts only 1-2 hours. This way, the risks that may develop after the surgery can be prevented. In all the procedures we perform in our clinic, we always guarantee a successful surgical process for our patients.


PenIs ThIckenIng Recovery Process

All penis lengthening surgery procedures have a healing process. Our patients need to rest after penis thickening surgery. We recommend the following to all our patients for the healing process to be comfortable:

  • We keep our patients under observation for one day after the surgery. In this way, we can prevent various complications that may occur after the operation.
  • It is usual for conditions such as redness or swelling to occur in the liposuction area. You can immediately apply to our clinic if you encounter an unexpected result.
  • We recommend you not have sexual intercourse for at least one month after the operation. As a result of the medical controls made during the recovery period, we can shorten this period according to the patient’s condition.
  • As a result of the examinations we make for our patients, we can also apply medication if we deem it necessary.
  • It is impossible to expect the operation to show effect immediately after such procedures. The recovery period of the patient is spread over a certain period. Therefore, it is different from the process to expect an immediate effect, except for the time we have indicated to you.


Frequently Asked QuestIons About PenIs ThIckenIng Procedure

It will be helpful to give answers to some questions that our patients wonder about penis thickening. Techniques applied in genital aesthetic procedures are an essential indicator of how much medicine has developed. We always act in line with the demands of our patients in the genital aesthetic procedures you perform in our clinic.

  • The sexual intercourse process that our patients will experience after the operation is interrupted only during recovery. After the recovery period, you can have sexual intercourse more effectively.
  • In such operations, it is impossible to leave scars on the penis area. In other words, the process you have undergone will not be evident from the outside after a while.
  • The operation aims to eliminate the possible problems that our patients may experience during sexual intercourse. In this way, the self-confidence problems of our patients who have undergone the operation will also be eliminated.

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