Scrotoplasty Surgery
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Scrotoplasty surgery is one of the cosmetic surgery procedures applied in generally old age. Human skin, succumbing to gravity, may sag over time or show signs of wrinkles. This situation also happens to the genital area. Scrotoplasty is also a method applied to men and helps to recover the sagging skin around the testicles.

Scrotoplasty surgery is one of the plastic surgery procedures and falls within the scope of genital aesthetics. We can recommend this method to many of the patients in our clinic. In this way, we also help increase our patient’s quality of life.

What Is Scrotoplasty Surgery?

The scrotoplasty procedure is a surgical procedure that recovers skin sagging in the testicles. Testicular sagging, which is seen in men of old age, is eliminated with this technique. Scratoplasty, which draws attention among genital aesthetic procedures, can also be applied to patients who experience a female to male transition after gender affirmation surgery.

Scrotoplasty surgery is one of the most effective ways to recover the testicular skin. In this way, it will be possible to achieve a more aesthetic appearance of the genital area. At the same time, skin irritation that may occur as a result of skin sagging is prevented.

1- How is Scrotoplasty Surgery Applied?

The scrotoplasty technique is one of advanced medical science’s most critical surgical procedures. In this technique, the sagging skin in the testis area can be removed by making an incision. Thus, the skin around the testicles can be prevented from irritating the skin.

Scrotoplasty surgery is a surgical procedure that is usually performed using general anesthesia. Before this procedure, we need to complete a preliminary examination of our patients. If the available health status of our patients who apply to our clinic is good, then a plan for the surgical procedure is created.

For scrotoplasty, it is not possible for the incision made to the testicular region to leave a scar. This surgical procedure applied to the testis does not cause any difference in the genital area. If everything goes well after the operation, our patients can be discharged. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to keep our patients under observation in a clinical setting for a day.

2- To Whom Can Scrotoplasty Be Applied?

Scrotoplasty is the most effective technique to remove sagging skin in older people. Therefore, this procedure can be applied to people with sagging skin in the testicular area. Regardless of age, people with sagging skin in the testicles for any reason are also suitable candidates for this procedure.

We decide whether each of our patients who apply to our clinic is suitable for the procedure after first going through a preliminary examination process. If the health condition of our patient makes it possible, we consider it appropriate to apply such cosmetic surgery procedures.

3- Scrotoplasty Surgery Before and After

Before scrotoplasty surgery, our patients should come to our clinic and be included in the pre-examination process. As a result of our examinations, a personalized treatment plan can be followed to suit each patient. It would be more beneficial for our patients to reduce their smoking and alcohol consumption sometime before the surgery.

Scrotoplasty also requires a good care process after surgery. There is always a risk of infection in such plastic surgery procedures. However, this risk ratio can be eliminated to 100% thanks to the excellent care of the patient after the surgery. Contrary to popular belief, scrotoplasty is not a surgical procedure with high-risk factors. As a result of the patient resting for a few days after the surgery, all risk factors can be eliminated.

We recommend our patients not do sports actively after scrotoplasty. Likewise, we recommend not having sexual intercourse during the first few months. We state that waiting for the first 1-3 months is more appropriate for scrotoplasty results.

4- Scrotoplasty Surgery Cost

Scrotoplasty costs may differ depending on the type of treatment that the patient will be subjected to. Unfortunately, it is impossible to give precise price information for such surgical procedures in the first place. It would be more appropriate for our patients to come to our clinic and undergo a preliminary examination.

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